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December 7-9, 2021

    Juniper Flats Road, Bisbee, Arizona:

    Deep in the Mule Mountains of southeast Arizona lies the old mining town of Bisbee. Once producing nearly 25% of the world’s supply of copper, Bisbee now sells art, beer, history, and charm.

    Researching paid campgrounds in the area yielded some pretty uninteresting results so we decided to take a gamble on the closest boondocking location. Campendium and Free Campsites both listed dispersed camping on nearby Juniper Flats Road.

    We white-knuckled the trailer up a 10-12% grade dirt road about two miles and 1200 feet above town… one of the few times in the last year we truly needed 4×4. Only one other camper, a van, was nestled in the dozen or so available spurs. After some quick scouting, we found a beautiful private cliffside perch just before sunset.
    During our stay we also took the Goodenough Mine Tour in the nearby historic town of Tombstone and ate breakfast in the Lost Town of Lowell.

    Where did the town go? I’m not saying it was aliens…